You Are Here

Chris Paul Daniels
20, 21, 27, 28 & 29 March, 12pm - 5pm
Final screening event Fri 3 April 6.15pm

Shot in Black and white 8mm film, Colour 16mm film & HD video, Chris Paul Daniels creates rapid portraits and glimpses of lives from residents and workers of the Digbeth and Bordesley.

With score by electronic musician, Graham Massey (808 State, Massonix), this newly commissioned work by A3 Project Space will be screened during Flatpack Film Festival.

Taking Birmingham New Street Station as the literal starting point for an understanding of the city, each of the portraits is specific in length to a ratio that has dictated its duration - total length of the film is 43”27.

Each frame, at a rate of 24 frames per second, represents 0.5 metres in the distance from New Street Station to the location of the interview.

In choosing to impose a rigid structure on each portrait’s length - Daniels is acknowledging the limits on his attempts to understand a place, which are informed by each of the brief encounters in a city in which he does not dwell.

A series of interviews took place and participants were asked to discuss their own perspectives on their immediate environment and their notions of community within it.

The footage collated jumps between different formats - Black and white 8mm film, Colour 16mm film and HD video to highlight the dramatic variations on how place can be represented, while the score by renowned electronic musician, Graham Massey (808 State, Massonix, Biting Tongues) builds on the theme of dis-location.

In Conversation
Sun 29 March 1pm
Chris Paul Daniels will be present to screen and discuss his experimental and reflexive approaches to portraiture regarding place formed through a series of projects in Nairobi, Newcastle, China and Birmingham.

There will be a final screening on Friday 3 April, 6.15pm as part of Digbeth First Friday

You Are Here was commissioned by A3 Project Space, funded by Birmingham City Council's Culture on Your Doorstep.

Participants: Ian Sergeant, Kieran McInerney, Pamela Pinski, Sean Marsay, Tamzin Taylor-Rosser, Hajra Ahmed, Spike Orion, Shemilee Gordon, Camelia Perrone, Nahid Mortuza, Candice Smith, Shabnam Mughal, Trevor Pitt and Cathy Wade (8mm film)


Direction, Cinematography and Editing - Chris Paul Daniels

Producer/Curator - Trevor Pitt

Music - Graham Massey

Sound Mastering - Kelvin Brown

Installation/Technical - Oliver Jones, Kelvin Brown, Chris Paul Daniels, Trevor Pitt

Participatory Stop motion animation by Tamzin Taylor Rosser, Sean Marsay, Hajra Ahmed,

Spike Orion and Shemilee Gordon at St Basil’s, October 2014.

Special Thanks:

Super 8 telecine courtesy of North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University

La Tour, Birmingham

Radisson Blu, Birmingham

The Old Crown

Phoenix Hall Community Centre

Digbeth Residents Association

St Basil’s