New Structure for A3

February 2020

A3 Project Space relaunches in 2020 as an artist-led space run by studio members Trevor Pitt, Cathy Wade, Ben Sadler and Philip Duckworth (Juneau Projects), Gavin Rogers, Adam Carver and Carolyn Morton.

Since 2012 A3 Project Space has worked with 104 artists on 41 projects curated by Trevor Pitt and Cathy Wade and launch their first programme Participate in March 2020 and runs to September 2020.

Trevor Pitt: "It's been an adventure to have steered the organisation for the past 9 years and with our amazing new line up of studio members we are embarking on an exciting new phase in which we become a member-run artist space programmed collectively."

Cathy Wade: "Participate offers A3 Project Space an opportunity to share the layers and complexity of social practices in the arts. Through each project, a network will develop that will have made its own connection to the space we work within, one that will be able to develop with the space in the future. Throughout 2020 we are communicating the projects as they develop with audiences both live and online."