Participate: Publication

1 Feb 2021



Participate publication presents each A3 artist's project and reflects their approach to participation in the arts.

Participate is series of projects led by A3 studio members who each delivered a project to support creative practitioners to develop their practice and engage local communities in the arts, supported through Arts Council England funding. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak the activities were delivered online and outdoors with social distancing.

Project Planning for Artists, Trevor Pitt
Supported a cohort of creative practitioners to plan an art project and write a funding application via workshops and 1-2-1 sessions.

Laser Cutting for Artists, Juneau Projects
Facilitated a series of online workshops for makers and creatives in which they explored laser cutting as a means of developing ideas and objects.

MXBodySpaceMotioningThem, Cathy Wade
Developed exchanges with Womxn (in all senses of identification and affiliation) that investigated their engagement with the space they occupied in lockdown through conversation.

Still Waters, Gavin Rogers
Explored fishing and well-being along the canals working with moving image, water and local fishermen to share practices, stories and skills.

Ink Flows, Carolyn Morton
Engaged artists & makers in botanical ink-making workshops that compared the impact of face2face & online time in building community.

Adam Carver Artists: If you just want to get paid for having an expensive wank, get an Onlyfans
  The work is a provocation for participation, it is offered up as a self-interrogation resource and has been devised in response to anonymous submissions from artists and producers and Adam’s personal reflections on the questions they are currently asking themselves. It is a blueprint for creative accountability, planning approaches to artistic practice post-2020, and considerations for ethical participation.
Anonymous questions contributed by Individuals and organisations working with participatory activity about what they are asking themselves during lockdown form the departure point for a textual and graphic response that reflects how Adam is feeling as an artist/organiser responding to the world we live in.

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