The Next Verse

Stewart Easton
13 - 14 June, 12pm - 5pm

Breaking the traditional boundaries of craft, Stewart Easton’s latest work The Next Verse fuses together hand embroidery, sonic art and music.

Collaborating with sound artist Gawain Hewitt and musician Michael Tanner (Plinth, United Bible Studies) Easton’s stitch work forms a meter square interactive embroidery that follows the life cycle of a fictional family.

The major plot lines of The Next Verse are hand stitched by Easton using conductive thread and a soundtrack composed by Tanner is triggered by touch, each person creating their unique soundscape.

Easton has worked with the Director of A3 Project Space Trevor Pitt on numerous projects after he curated his first solo Four Tragic Tales at mac birmingham in 2011.

Stewart Easton is a visual storyteller based in London who works in thread, ink, paint and digital.